God Save the Queen

God Save the Queen is a tribute band to one of the most important rock icons in the history of music: Queen. On stage since 1998, this Argentinian band has already been recognised as the best international tribute to the legendary British group.

Pablo Padin, Francisco Calgaro, Matias Albornoz and Ezequiel Tibaldo are the body and soul of this project. They have sold hundreds of thousands of tickets for their concerts all over the world and have travelled the globe, having already toured all over Latin America, the United States, Australia, India, China and Europe. Wherever they go, they are a huge success with audiences and critics alike.

God Save the Queen is not just a musical tribute to Queen, it is a heartfelt tribute to each of the songs they perform, to the whole imaginary that surrounded the group in their day: attitude, aesthetics, theatricality and spirit come to life every time this band performs on stage.

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