Committed to the environment


OCIBAR, S.A., concessionaire of the marinas Port Adriano, in El Toro (Mallorca), Botafoc lbiza and Port Tarraco (Tarragona) from its concern for the environment and in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 and the European Regulation EMAS III, wants to make some recommendations to promote its protection.

Port Adriano is located in a privileged environment between the marine reserves of El Toro and the Malgrats Islands, which have a high ecological and fishing value due to the diversity of habitats, benthic communities and marine fauna that can be found. The rocky cirque and infra-coastal bottoms are inhabited by large sedentary fish species. The meadows of the oceanic phanerogam Posidonia occupy large areas.

For more information about the protected areas, restrictions and authorisations for anchoring visit:

Our commitment to conservation and protection of the environment at sea and on the coast is based on:

  • Optimising water and energy consumption.
  • • Preventing pollution.
  • Promoting selective waste collection.
  • Controlling and reducing atmospheric and noise pollution.
  • Define and ensure emergency plans.
  • Comply with applicable legislation.
  • Train workers in sustainability and occupational health and safety.
  • Encourage proactive and positive environmental practices among users, customers and suppliers.
  • Initiate such practices through events such as Plastic Day or collaborate with important associations and causes such as The SeabinProject, Fundación Palma Aquarium, Campaña Fondeo Posidonia Ayuntamiento Calvià, Mar de Fondo, Project Zero, Save the Med etc.

In 2020, Port Adriano launches the Circular Economy Project, linked to SDGs 12, 13 and 14.

Our aim is to work to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, putting in place processes to avoid food waste, promote reuse and recycling, the environmentally friendly use of chemicals, the reduction of waste generation and the reduction of marine pollution.

Port Adriano’s strategic objectives in our circular economy approach are:

  • To enhance the reduction of waste generated.
  • To increase the amount of waste that is recycled.
  • To raise awareness of sustainability.

Seabin Project collaboration

In 2017, thanks to the collaboration with the Seabin Project, consisting of the installation of a revolutionary floating litter bin that collects plastics from the sea, Port Adriano received an award from the Balearic Government for the best CSR initiative, being the first Seabin pilot port.

Collaboration agreement between Port Adriano and the Palma Aquarium Foundation

The collaboration agreement between Port Adriano and the Palma Aquarium Foundation actively promotes the conservation of the biodiversity of our seas and oceans. This agreement has three main lines of action:

  1. Organising training and awareness days for the various interest groups such as schoolchildren, port users and workers.
  2. Distribution of didactic material based on environmental education and sustainability.
  3. Active maintenance of a system of assistance to endangered marine species, which focuses especially on the recovery and treatment of sea turtles.

Environmental Education. Actions:

  • Awareness days for all students of the sailing and paddle surf schools.
  • To eliminate the use of single-use plastics in all the port’s offices.
  • Cleaning of El Toro beach and all the sea area where the schools sail.
  • Informative talks to all port businesses.
  • Providing all boats with an online leaflet on good environmental practices.
  • Continuous training and recycling for the port’s work teams.

Project Zero Exhibition

Brought from London’s famous Carnaby Street, this exhibition in support of Project Zero aims to raise awareness of the problem of plastic dumping in our oceans. The exhibition has been made with plastic bottles, carafes, detergent containers… all collected from our oceans, or made with 100% recycled and ecological materials.

100% recycled and ecological, including the paints.

Project Zero is an NGO that works for the protection of the oceans, with multiple projects around the world and important ambassadors. Click here to find out how you can help with just one gesture by changing your habits:

Agreement with SAVE THE MED

Port Adriano collaborates with SAVE THE MED Foundation, providing them with a mooring for the NGO’s boat and through recreational and environmental activities for the community.