General Purchase Terms and Conditions

  • The organisation does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased at the official points of sale.
  • Once the ticket has been purchased, no changes or refunds will be allowed.
  • Tickets will not be refunded in the event of loss, damage, theft or destruction.
  • Tickets purchased at a discount or special rate will have to justify this right by means of an accrediting document at the entrance to the venue. Failure to provide proof of entitlement will render the ticket invalid.
  • Upon entering the venue, the public may be subject to a security search in accordance with the law. Entrance is not permitted with any objects which may be considered dangerous by the organisers. The right of admission is reserved.
  • Admission is subject to the condition that the ticket is complete and in good condition. The ticket holder will lose his rights when leaving the site. It is up to the organisers to allow access to the venue once the performance has begun.
  • The organisers reserve the right to alter or modify the programme of the event. In the event of cancellation, the organisers undertake to refund the ticket price.
  • Complaints about the performance, alteration or cancellation of the show must be addressed to the organisers on presentation of the ticket.
  • It is the client’s own obligation to read the characteristics and particularities of each show.

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